Webinars & Podcast

Upcoming Webinar: WTWH Media

Mobile Robotics Week

For many manufacturers considering AMRs, questions remain. Are they as productive as advertised? Are they cost effective? Can they be integrated with other automation technology? Can they be scaled? In this Autonomous Mobile Robotics Week roundtable session, a series of case studies of AMR installations in manufacturing environments will provide answers to these questions (and more).

Podcast: FreightWaves

At Your Doorstep

Robotics companies are exploding onto the market with offerings suited for companies of all sizes. On this episode of At Your Doorstep, Kaylee Nix looks at the way ForwardX Robotics is operating. She welcomes ForwardX Director of Global Expansion Jonathan Chang to the show and the two discuss the ways robots have evolved to serve a purpose working beside people instead of replacing them. 

Podcast: The New Warehouse

EP 204: ForwardX

On this episode, Kevin Lawton was joined by Jonathan Chang to discuss ForwardX, a China-based robotics companies focused on medium sized goods. They discuss the robotics scene in China, ForwardX’s offerings and impacts of the pandemic.

Webinar: ABI Research

Digital Transformation Summit

Among the topics and questions this webinar covers the impact to date COVID-19 on the supply chain logistics in the Asia-Pacific region, the outlook of supply chain logistics in the Asia-Pacific region over the next year to 18 months, and much more.

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