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Case Studies

IKEA: ForwardX Flex 300 AMRs Transform the Warehouse
World Leading Cosmetics Company: ForwardX Max 600-L

Quick Looks

When You Need the Robot to Follow You
Robotic Arm Unloading Cases from ForwardX Max 600 AMR
Pick-to-Pallet for E-commerce with Max 600 AMRs
Automating Multi-Floor Production with Max 300-L AMRs
ForwardX Max 300 Conveyor
Conveying Pallets with Max 600 Conveyor
Pallet Movement with Max 600-L 
Automate Case Picking with Max 600 AMRs
See Through the Eyes of the Robot



Autonomous Material Handling for Electronics Production
Pick & Sort for Small Goods Fulfillment
Pick & Pack for Small Goods Fulfillment
Small Goods Distribution & Fulfillment
Medium Goods Distribution & Fulfillment
Cross-docking for Medium Goods
Cross-docking for Small Goods
Gravity Racking of Small Goods
Loading & Unloading AS/RS
ForwardX Warehousing Solutions for Any Industry


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