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Case Studies

TCL: ForwardX AMRs Support Manufacturing Excellence
SF DHL China: How ForwardX AMRs Increased Picking Productivity by 2X

Quick Looks

Pick-to-Pallet for E-commerce with Max 600L AMRs
Automating Multi-Floor Production with Max 300 Lift AMRs
ForwardX Max 300 Conveyor
Conveying Pallets with Max 600L Conveyor
Pallet Movement with Max 600L Lift
ForwardX Robotics Pick2Go Solution


Autonomous Material Handling for Electronics Production
Pick & Sort for Small Goods Fulfillment
Pick & Pack for Small Goods Fulfillment
Small Goods Distribution & Fulfillment
Medium Goods Distribution & Fulfillment
Cross-docking for Medium Goods
Cross-docking for Small Goods
Gravity Racking of Small Goods
Loading & Unloading AS/RS
ForwardX Robotics Pick2Go Solution


IARS 2020 Highlights
CeMAT Asia 2020 Highlights
Max Launch Highlights
CIIF 2020 Highlights
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