Why choose mobile robotics?

The Difference

With a 2x–3x increase in productivity, you will see immediate results and can expect a return on investment in as little as 12 months.

ForwardX AMRs offer stronger payloads, allowing them to move more in a single trip with a 99.5% uptime so your operations are always running.

f(x) Fleet Manager empowers your fleet to not only work together, but also to collaborate with other devices in your facility, such as elevators or automatic doors.

Difference 1:


Mobile robots increase the speed of your operations through a reduction of wasted movement and an increase in workflow efficiency.

Compared to traditional practices, ForwardX more than doubles your productivity by significantly reducing the time it takes to complete a task.

Difference 2:


Mobile robots can keep operations running 24/7 and take care of the heavy lifting, so your workers don’t have to.

ForwardX AMRs start at a 660-lb payload and get up to a 2,645-lb payload to handle all material movement and keep your employees safe and efficient.

Difference 3:


Mobile robots cooperate with each other as well as humans to optimize the workflow.

ForwardX’s vision-first approach allows the AMRs to not only avoid obstacles, but identify and categorize different obstacles to make real-time decisions for optimal routes.

Our Applications in Industry

Speed up order picking and return processes, dismiss labor shortage issues, and optimize your workflows.

Use AMRs for piece and case picking to maximize your productivity, no matter where the orders are coming from.

Eliminate wasted costs on material movement by letting AMRs take care of it for you, without sacrificing flexibility.


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