Solutions for manufacturing operations. Add flexible material handling solutions that help you simplify your material flow, increase capacity, and reduce costs. An alternative to help you overcome an increasing shortage of labor.

Why Manufacturing?

Intelligent manufacturing is a must

COVID and its effects on the global supply chain have shown the downsides to the high level of interdependence within global trade. Early on as the pandemic hit hard, many spoke about reshoring and nearshoring as tactics that could be used to reduce these negative effects. But, in order to be less dependent on outsourcing, there is a large need to improve domestic manufacturing capabilities. The most pressing matter within that sphere is the growing labor and skills gaps. How can we produce more without adding more workers to our facilities? The answer is: forget about adding more workers and, instead, look to increase worker productivity.

How We Help in Manufacturing


  • Tedious handling tasks cause labor shortages which limit production capacity
  • Lack of data visibility and process flexibility results in 'push' production
  • Excessive non-value add tasks contribute to lower efficiency and higher costs


  • Intelligent systems are integrated and create a 'pull' flow within the factory
  • AMRs take on repetitive work and people are refocused on adding value
  • AMRs work reliably as part of a connected system to maximize productivity

The leading electronics manufacturer uses ForwardX mobile robots for lineside pick-up and drop-off in its surface-mount technology workshop.

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Our Solutions for Manufacturing

Cart Transport

Automate point-to-point cart transport within your factory to reduce repetitive movements.

Pallet Transport

Increase safety and productivity by automating pallet movement within your facility.


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