f(x) Fleet Manager

f(x) Fleet Manager is a cutting-edge software platform that acts as the command center between your existing systems and your fleet of visual Autonomous Mobile Robots.

f(x) Fleet Manager

Unlock results at scale

Deploying a handful of robots to complete a simple task can deliver valuable results. But, if only used on a minor level, mobile robotics will not be the intelligent machines that they have the potential to be. At scale, mobile robots have the potential to transform the face of your warehouse or factory. So, what’s the key to scale? Software.

With f(x) Fleet Manager, you can deploy hundreds of robots in 1 facility and have them work together with your operators as 1 unified workforce. How? Using Artificial Intelligence, f(x) Fleet Manager organizes work efficiently and orchestrates a fleet of robots and people to carry out that work.

How it works

Fleet Organization

Orchestrate with f(x) Plus

f(x) Plus acts as the bridge between your existing facility management system and our robot management system. Through our APIs, we can fully integrate with your systems regardless of the supplier and we’ve got experience with all of the leading systems. Powered by our machine learning algorithms, f(x) Plus continuously receives workflow data and processes it to determine the optimal make-up for how tasks should be done, who should do them, when they should be done, and in what order they should be done. At the same time, f(x) Plus communicates with f(x) Core to have work carried out and to feedback on completed work.

Fleet Control & Feedback

Execute with f(x) Core

As the system in charge of task execution and robot management, f(x) Core does the leg work to make sure work is carried out as planned. Its management and execution capabilities allow it to set-up and manage facility maps, assign tasks, plan optimal paths, manage traffic rules and adherence, monitor task status, and handle errors. In constant communication with f(x) Plus, your operators, and your fleet of robots, f(x) Core is an integral part of a cohesive robot deployment.


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