Fulfillment for Direct-to-Consumer

Solutions for e-commerce and omnichannel fulfillment operations. Invest in a flexible solution that helps you upgrade your direct-to-consumer service levels, keep up with growing online volume, and address a worsening labor shortage.

Why Fulfillment?

E-commerce is no longer optional

Buying online is becoming a normal part of life for an ever-increasing portion of the population. E-commerce giants are continuing to grow in scale and improve their service and product offerings. Adding in COVID and its effect on society’s attitude towards in-store shopping, e-commerce looks to hold onto and increase its share of overall retail. As a retailer or manufacturer, excelling at e-commerce isn’t just about growing anymore; it’s about keeping up with the competition. But excelling at e-commerce is no easy feat. Requiring 3-times the space and labor compared to traditional fulfillment, you need to think smarter to stay ahead.

How We Help in Fulfillment


  • Complicated processes that slow shipping times and high error rates
  • Manual operations that can't keep up with growing e-commerce volume
  • Higher rate of returns that make operations more complex and expensive


  • Simple, automated processes that increase efficiency and accuracy
  • Flexible operations that allow for rapid scale-up and quick capacity growth
  • Ability to redeploy employees to your higher-value tasks

Global Top 3 E-Commerce Retailer

One of the world’s largest e-commerce players uses ForwardX mobile robots for piece and case picking across dozens of its fulfillment centers. 

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Our Solutions for Fulfillment

Piece Picking

Automate piece picking for discrete, batch, and cluster picking workflows in your fulfillment center.

Case Picking

Replace pallet trucks with AMRs to automate case picking in your DC or omni-channel fulfillment center.

Cart Transport

Automate point-to-point cart transport within your warehouse to reduce repetitive movements.

Pallet Transport

Increase safety and productivity by automating pallet movement within your facility.


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