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Flex Mobile Robots

Add Flex mobile robots to your picking operations to increase hourly productivity, order throughput capacity, and labor savings. By reducing walking distance and increasing value-added picking time, Flex AMRs offer the perfect solution for mixed piece- and case-picking workflows.

Flex Mobile Robots

The flexible alternative

Traditional material handling methods can no longer support the growing volume and complexity seen in warehousing environments. From picking carts to pallet trucks, traditional picking equipment are slow,  labor-intensive, and a big reason why younger generations are moving away from warehouse jobs.

As a growing operation or one looking to increase margins, your modern challenges require modern solutions. ForwardX’s flexible automation platform provides you with the hardware and software to elevate your throughput capacity, reduce your operating cost, and simplify growing complexities within your facility.

Meet the Flex family


Equipped with laser scanners, depth cameras, 2D cameras, and more

Equipped with a touchscreen interface that’s connected to f(x) Fleet Manager

f(x) orchestrates Flex robots to charge when the opportunity presents itself

One of the highest payloads offered among AMR-enabled picking solutions

Can be configured with RFID scanners, printers, multi-level workspaces, etc.


Full 360-degree obstacle detection and avoidance means guaranteed safety

Onboard UI guides workers through workflows

Autonomous charging means hands-free round-the-clock operation

High payload capacity makes Flex suitable for piece and case picking

Multiple configurations gives you options to fit your situation

Feature Highlight

Onboard Interface

Flex mobile robots come equipped with onboard touchscreen interfaces that help your operators complete tasks without any delay. Instead of looking through paper pick lists, Flex mobile robots guide workers to locate, pick, and confirm picks without any difficulty. That means picking work can be carried out more quickly and with fewer mistakes made.

Feature Highlight

360° Obstacle Avoidance

Every Flex mobile robot comes fully equipped with multiple different sensors, from visual sensors, like 2D cameras and 3D cameras, to LiDAR scanners,  Inertial Measurement Units, and wheel encoders. When combined, a Flex mobile robot offers 360-degree safety within your supply chain facility. That means your fleet of mobile robots can operate in a dynamic environment full of multiple moving pieces without any difficulty or any risk to safety.

Multiple Configurations

Flex 300-SCB
Flex 300-S

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