Case Studies

How We Helped TCL Transform Their Smart Factory with 5G

Quick Glance

  • Industry:
  • Site:
    Guangdong, China
  • Facility:
    26 Production Lines
  • Workflow:
    Raw Material Delivery
The project has delivered great results for us, helping us to achieve our goal of automating material handling and replacing low-value work with intelligent automation.

Caijun Zhao
TCL’s Head of President’s Office

The Challenges

Insufficient Flexibility

With various storage locations and regular line changeovers, TCL needed technology that allowed for more flexible operations.

Labor Intensive

TCL needed to reduce the labor intensity of their material handling processes to reduce costs and improve worker safety.

Network Problems

TCL’s WiFi network needed to be upgraded to reduce unscheduled downtime and increase productivity.


The Solution

Autonomous Transport

A fleet of Max 300 Lift AMRs autonomously pick up and drop off raw materials between lineside storage areas and multiple points across the production line.

Flexible Changeovers

Due to regular changeovers, TCL needed a system that could be easily adapted to new circumstances. TCL’s management can change pick-up and drop-off points in under 5 minutes and adjust workflows with a few clicks.

Reliable Performance

As the world’s first 5G-enabled AMR project, TCL benefits from extensive 5G network coverage combined with AMRs that deliver 99.5% uptime availability.


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