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How We Helped SF DHL Supply Chain China Deliver Results to their Customer

Quick Glance

  • Industry:
  • Site:
    Beijing, China
  • Facility:
    B2B Distribution Center
  • Workflow:
    Picking & Sorting
Our main problem before introducing AMRs was that our productivity and efficiency were just too low and our labor costs were too high. After careful consideration of various solutions, we chose to implement ForwardX Flex AMRs.

Jinhui Hao
SF Supply Chain China

The Challenges

Low Productivity

The warehouse used labor-intensive picking methods with manual sorting. This made it impossible to keep up with growing volume. The large warehouse area meant a lot of unproductive travel time.

High Error Rate

With many SKUs and a large network of stores, the paper-based method led to frequent errors. A lack of digitalization made error discovery slow resulting in significant financial losses.

High Labor Costs

Seasonal peaks meant that many temporary workers were hired annually, resulting in high recruitment costs. Training time was high due to complicated processes for picking, checking, and sorting.

Mostly Manual

An intensifying competitive landscape, low levels of efficiency, and a high error rate made the need for digitalization more serious.


The Solution

Reduce Travel

Our solution for SF separated operators from carrying equipment. This eliminated long walks to and from the picking area. We also created assigned zones for operators to reduce cross-warehouse travel.

Consolidate Processes

We created a system where each robot would travel directly to assigned outbound shipping positions. Instead of travelling to a single sorting point, our solution consolidated the picking and sorting processes.

Deploy Quickly

Our solution could be deployed quickly in less than 6 months, with 0 infrastructure required. This helped SF immediately prove the business case and reduced the initial cost significantly.

Scale Flexibly

Starting with a pilot of 5 AMRs, SF quickly saw value and scaled up to 20 AMRs within 3 months of the pilot deployment. Serving a customer with high seasonality, rapid scaling helped SF deliver better service.


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