Case Studies

Helping ITOCHU Logistics China Reduce Costs by 52%

Quick Glance

  • Industry:
  • Site:
    Tianjin, China
  • Facility:
    B2B Distribution Center
  • Workflow:
    Picking & Packing

The Challenges

Inefficient Processes

Before implementing ForwardX’s Flex RFID solution, ITOCHU Logistics China used traditional paper picking methods which lacked efficiency.

High Error Rate

With the traditional paper method, ITOCHU Logistics China’s picking errors are common, costly, and take a long time to discover and correct.

Low Visibility

After employing RFID tracking, ITOCHU Logistics China’s customer required more visibility into their operations to improve supply chain planning.


The Solution

Reduce Travel

By implementing Flex 300-R AMRs in their distribution center, ITOCHU Logistics China is able to keep pickers picking in designated areas which significantly reduces their traveling time and increases picking productivity.

Increase Accuracy

Using directed workflows and onboard RFID scanning, Flex 300-R AMRs help pickers pick more accurately by giving visual prompts and offering automatic checking.

Consolidate Workflows

Our simultaneous pick-and-pack workflow means that, once orders picked, they are packed, sealed, and labeled within the aisles. This saves ITOCHU Logistics China valuable time and space within their facility.


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