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Apex Autonomous Forklift

Add Apex autonomous forklifts to your workflows for a safer and more productive environment. With a 3,086 lb payload capacity, Apex 1400-L AMRs will automate pallet movement to free up employees to focus on value-added picking time.

Apex Autonomous Forklift

Apex 1400-L

Apex 1400-L is the next piece of the puzzle when it comes to automating picking and packing workflows for any fulfillment or distribution center. By automating pallet movement throughout your operations, every employee can focus on value-added picking time, returns processes, and/or packing and organizing shipments.

ForwardX aims to provide a one-stop-shop for customers looking to improve operations. The Apex autonomous forklift works alongside employees and other AMRs to improve safety, accuracy, organization, and productivity throughout your workflows.

Meet Apex


Equipped with laser scanners, depth cameras, 3D cameras, and more

Computer vision and AI detect and communicate the angle of each pallet

f(x) orchestrates Apex forklifts to charge when the opportunity presents itself

One of the highest payloads offered among AMR-enabled picking solutions

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Full 360° obstacle detection and avoidance means guaranteed safety

Real-time adjustments made to ensure unhindered operations

Autonomous charging means hands-free round-the-clock operation

High payload capacity makes Apex suitable for just about any operations’ pallet movement

Feature Highlight

Autonomous Detection of Pallet Orientation

Not only is Apex 1400-L able to identify, load, and unload pallets reliably, but it can also detect mislaid pallets at awkward angles. Using a vision-first approach along with the AI algorithms, Apex is able to identify the angle at which a pallet is placed and adjust accordingly in real-time to complete its task. This eliminates the chance of the autonomous forklift standing idly with employees waiting on the robot.

Feature Highlight

360° Obstacle Detection & Avoidance

National Forklift Safety Day is observed every year in any warehouse or operation using forklifts, and for good reason. Becoming a manual forklift operator requires strict training and certification due to the dangerous nature of these vehicles. A seemingly small mistake can lead to catastrophe if an employee is fatigued or misuses these machines in any way.

Apex 1400-L is equipped with a variety of sensors and cameras to ensure a safe working environment. Not only is it able to detect and avoid obstacles, but it can also identify the static and mobile objects or people within the environment. The AMR also eliminates the possibility of an overworked or distracted operator, advancing the level of safety even greater.


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