Better Performance, Better Value

Make material handling your competitive edge.

The Difference

Faster Robots

Move material quickly and safely

Faster Work

Double or triple productivity

Faster Payback

More work in less time for a faster ROI

Stronger Robots

Take care of the heavy lifting

Stronger System

Increase uptime in any facility

Stronger Organization

Resilient operations that are built to last

Smarter Robots

Adapt to any environment

Smarter Solution

Face your challenges head on

Smarter Operations

Simplified processes for higher efficiency

Solutions for a Smarter Supply Chain

Apply our Flex and Max solutions across your logistics and manufacturing facilities for smarter operations that give you better performance and lower costs.

Don't Just Take Our Word for It...

“Since deploying, we’ve seen huge increases in productivity and efficiency, significant reductions in labor costs, and our error rate has improved too.”

-Jinhui Hao, SF DHL’s Operations Manager

“The project has delivered great results for us, helping us to achieve our goal of automating material handling and replacing low-value work with intelligent automation.”

-Caijun Zhao, TCL’s Head of President’s Office

Our Customers


Mobile Robots

The Flex Range

Flex mobile robots are an operator’s best friend.  Equipped with an on-board interface, Flex robots work together with your staff to complete tasks as quickly as possible. Built to carry, the robots can be configured to hold multiple kinds of containers and goods.

Mobile Robots

The Max L Range

Max L mobile robots are built to be the new workhorse in your facility. Max L mobile robots offer the strength you need whether you’re moving pieces, cartons, cases, or pallets. With their rugged design, the robots are more than ready to face the challenges of a modern supply chain. 

Robotics Software

f(x) Fleet Manager

f(x) Fleet Manager is a software suite designed to organize your operations, delegate work, and control your robot fleet. f(x) connects with your existing hardware and software so you get synchronized operations and more visibility. From mapping and task-building to data analysis, f(x) has every functionality you need to deploy a fleet of mobile robots successfully. 


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